12 telegraph poles H0 H0 /1:87/

Highly detailed, delicate telegraph poles are an essential trackside feature. Painting the insulator..

134,8LEI 84,9LEI

1:87 Lokomotive BR50 1:87

1:87 Lokomotive BR50 Not suitable for children under 14 years...

167,0LEI 101,9LEI

Benches H0 H0 /1:87/

Finely proportioned and detailed, two-colour version. 8 pieces Not suitable for children under 14 ye..

96,6LEI 60,9LEI

Bin cart replicas H0 /1:87/

These wagons were used to transport peat, for example.3 pieces Gauge 6,5 mm, Length 19 mm Not suitab..

141,9LEI 89,4LEI

Brick Wall H0/TT H0 /1:87/

Аdditional piece of brick wall sheet with dimensions 10cmX17cm to use it as an additive to AUHAGEN..

8,9LEI 5,7LEI

Clinker brick H0/TT H0 /1:87/

Multi-coloured card for scratchbuilding tunnel portals, embankments, bridges etc. Colours may vary w..

8,9LEI 5,7LEI

Concrete Paving (single sheet, 105 x 200 mm) H0 /1:87/

The modern way to pave roads and squares! Just outline the gaps with paint and weather the paving sh..

31,0LEI 19,6LEI

Conveyor belts H0 /1:87/

Indispensable for loading and unloading bulk goods. Height can be adjusted from 29 to 71 mm. 2 piece..

201,5LEI 127,0LEI

Covered loading dock H0 /1:87/

For use with walls 80 519 or 80 520 in red, 80 619 or 80 620 in yellow, either with or without brick..

184,8LEI 116,5LEI

Cyclone H0 /1:87/

Cyclones were used primarily in the woodworking industry to suction off dust and sawdust. The pipe t..

113,3LEI 71,4LEI

Field stone wall H0/TT H0 /1:87/

Multi-coloured card for scratch building tunnel portals, embankments, bridges, ruined castles, stree..

8,9LEI 5,7LEI

Forest Floor ( 1 piece 500 x 300 mm) H0 /1:87/

Synthetic threads in authentic, fadeproof colours. 0,16 qm flocked area. Easy to cut with scissors o..

42,9LEI 27,1LEI

Forester’s house H0/TT H0 /1:87/

Attractive half-timbered roof, garage, pigeon cote and henhouse. Focal point for a charming forest ..

213,5LEI 134,5LEI

Granite track ballast grey H0 (600 g) H0 /1:87/

Sharp-edged broken natural material for track bed, construction sites, roads and paths and for use a..

106,1LEI 66,9LEI

House Gabi H0 H0 /1:87/

House Gabi H0 Not suitable for children under 14 years...

213,5LEI 134,5LEI

House Katrin H0 H0 /1:87/

House Katrin H0 Not suitable for children under 14 years...

213,5LEI 134,5LEI

House Michaela H0 H0 /1:87/

House Michaela H0 Not suitable for children under 14 years...

244,5LEI 154,0LEI

In-house transport H0 /1:87/

The forks can be attached to a forklift and are adjustable in height and width. Both hauling trailer..

285,0LEI 179,6LEI

Level crossing with barrier H0 /1:87/

Level crossing with barrier. Not suitable for children under 14 years...

182,5LEI 115,0LEI